Patch Notes
- Sep 02 2022

Update 27.1.1 - Taking Things to The Next Level!

September 16 Hotfix:

Update 27.1.1 - Taking things to the next level!

For our higher level players:

Be ready for bigger kingdoms than ever, because in this update the Keep level cap increases to 40. This update also brings with it all kinds of power increases for troops, equipment, nobles, quests, and much more.

For players of all levels:

  • Send your troops to new Steel, Sapphire, and Mercury mines.

  • New Daily Goals for fulfilling Alliance help requests.

  • Two new quest chapters: “Enter the Kragon” and “Enter the Kragon II”. Unlock them after completing the first quest of Chapter 4, “Reverie”

  • Armies at staged camps no longer require resources to deploy (for real this time).

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