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Kingdom Maker is a massive multiplayer medieval fantasy game where players interact with each other via adventure, war, love, money, building, & politics.

  • Play YOUR way with thousands of unique player interactions & quests.
  • Find love and build your dynasty as you reign supreme.
  • Conquer the world with political intrigue, royal alliances or all out war.
  • Kidnap enemy nobles and hold them for ransom or torture tickle them in your very own dungeon.

The world is yours! YOU decide.


In the mood for battle?

Leverage Kingdom Maker’s advanced combat system to control siege weapons, cavalry, archers, and footman units. Then watch the keeps of those that oppose thee burn to cinders.


Lonely, m'lord or m'lady?

Find true love and build an empire from thy bedchambers...or wine cellar. Create your noble line with sophisticated genealogy and matching systems, and
let your family’s name ring out through the land.


Fancy seizing control without firing a shot?

Engage in espionage and skullduggery with ally and enemy alike to become the ultimate puppetmaster and make the world bow to your will.