Patch Notes
- Sep 13 2022

September 13 Update - The Wandering Merchant

Wandering Merchant Update

The Wandering Merchant trades now cost Merits to perform and no longer pay out XP. This allows the primary exchange of resources in the trade to remain the same, while not creating inflation in the economy that would require prices to be raised elsewhere.

In addition to this shift of the Merits, the trades for protected resources now pay out more than ever before, while the trades for advanced materials now pay out at the same ratio as they did in the past.

We have increased the duration of the protected resource trades and left the advanced material trades the same duration. The advanced material trades are now also larger to make them more efficient; as an example, you can now trade 1,756 common bronze for 44 uncommon in 1 hour vs the old 1,000 for 25 in the same time period. The same exchange rate but in a larger quantity.

As promised, we have also added trades for the new T4 materials that were added in last week’s release.

Bugs Fixed

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