Patch Notes
- Jul 13 2022

July 13 2022 Update


– Be goal oriented! Completing all your daily goals now provides a morale bonus that lasts 24 hours.

– Defeating NPC camps, armies, and cities now awards more Combat Merits at lower levels and fewer at higher levels, this was to address a balance issue with the merit economy. This doesn’t apply to Bedrock, Farmington, or Woodside cities.

– Morale calculations for defenders now use the maximum level of all players on the attacking side. Morale calculations for attackers remain the same.

– As part of our effort to continue optimizing combat, the current limit on the number of reinforcing armies in a single battle has been raised from 50 to 75 per side.

Noble Breeding

– Reduced the chance of breeding a Runt from any quality Noble couple.

– Reduced the chance of breeding offspring that are two or more quality levels worse than their parents.

– Increased the chance of breeding offspring of the same quality or better for all Noble couples of Impressive quality or higher.

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