- Jun 14 2022

What the blazes is Kingdom Maker?

Hear ye! Hear ye! The fanfare to greatness is calling, and it is calling for YOU!

An epic experience awaits you, one unlike any other (until it gets copied for being AWESOME), and it is the mere flick of your royal finger away.


Helm the Realm

Place the royal crown upon your noble brow, ascend the throne, and make a kingdom of legendary stature!

Kingdom Maker is a massive, multiplayer medieval fantasy game where you’ll lead (and breed) a noble family to create your kingdom. Build up a shining city, navigate a treacherous world of political intrigues, and command mighty armies in glorious conquest. Play together with other players in vast alliances, explore, wage war, and make deals across the many lands of Ardendale.

In Kingdom Maker there is only one rule...yours! Well, and everyone else’s technically, it is multiplayer. But we’re talking about YOU right now.

Make it Reign

Your city. Your noble seat of power. The heart and soul of your realm. It is here where you’ll do so many soothing, satisfying, emotionally fulfilling city things! Research and build civic improvements from farms to halls of higher learning. Delight your citizens so they’re happy to toil away growing wheat or marching off to war or whatever it is peasants do. Customize your settlement’s walls, towers, and defenses to CRUSH INVADING ENEMIES . . . but make them run through the most diabolical maze of archers and catapults your devious mind can concoct first! Then watch them get obliterated in real time.

Boink, Bargain, and BETRAY

Romance. Nobility. Treachery! You aren’t alone in this medieval manor. You are breeding a unique, customizable dynasty that will carry on your name in deeds both noble and infamous for years to come! Design your own family heraldry. Entice your noble spouse and er, “boink” your way into a castle simply bursting with blue-blooded offspring! Choose your family’s name, their appearance; everything. Breed your noble offspring for the best qualities, then train them in all manner of useful professions. Arrange marriages with other players to forge alliances, gain useful traits, and prevent inbreeding, probably.

After all: your family aren’t the only nobles in the burgh. This world is filled with other players to interact with. Make friends. Make enemies. Make frenemies. Join an Alliance of other nobles and bring the entire realm of Ardendale to its knees! Or, y’know. Rule justly or whatever. It’s your kingdom.

Siege the Day

Build epic armies. Entice a colorful cast of unique (and powerful!) commanders into your service. Equip your soldiers with the finest weapons and armor your clever researchers and hardworking blacksmiths can devise, assign your commanders to make units with special powers, then assign one of your brilliant noble tacticians to lead that army to victory!

Sally forth and do battle against a whole buffet of dastardly foes. Lay siege to your fellow players’ cities. Do away with baddies ranging from rowdy rebels, to ornery orcs, to malignant monsters. Take down enemy fortresses and then make them your very own!

As you gain power and prestige, you’ll learn new professions, attract more powerful commanders, and train ever more powerful troops. Combine them in different ways for hundreds of different strategies.


That’s barely scratching the surface of the adventure that awaits. How will you reign?

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