- Sep 12 2022

September 13th Update Preview

Wandering Merchant

We will be implementing a solution to the prior scale back of the Wandering Merchant. This fix will allow us to continue utilizing the merchant to perform highly rewarding trades, while not creating inflation in the economy that would require us to raise costs.

Instead of the Wandering Merchant paying out merits, it will now cost merits to perform specific trades. This will allow us to improve the amount of resources paid while keeping the economy balanced. Merits can be earned by performing regular trades or crawling dungeons.

In the interest of transparency, here are a few examples:

Protected resource trades will take longer to complete, advanced material trades will remain the same duration as they were originally, making them around 75% more efficient time-wise.


A range boost that was intended to only apply to the new Tier 4 targets incorrectly applied to some PvE targets outside of Tier 4. Once fixed, all the ranges of troops in these PvE targets will revert back to their original values pre 27.1.1 update.

Daily Goals

Pressing “help all” will award you points for each request this helps, not just a single point.

We will be releasing these fixes, along with trades for the new T4 resources, this week.

We thank you for your patience and feedback and we would love to hear your thoughts on this update.

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