- Sep 16 2022

Return of the Red Tusks

A foe from the past returns . . .

The dread troll warlord Rhulkk the Bonesnapper has returned to Ardendale with his Red Tusk orcs! It will once again be up to your Noble armies to take to the field and drive these invaders back.

As with the last time the Red Tusks invaded, you must enlist the aid of the troll slayers, Krugar and Khamsin, to put Red Tusks to flight. The Troll Slayer’s Chest returns, to help you win them to your cause over all three days of the latest Red Tusk invasion.

Be warned! The Red Tusks are far too dangerous for anyone who isn’t an expert in fighting them to take on, so you’ll likely need at least the aid of Krugar or Khamsin to deal massive bonus damage to the almost unassailable Red Tusk Outposts. They’ll work even better against these new foes if you can recruit them both and include them in the same Army.

Circumstances may be dire, but the rewards are rich for those ready to take the Red Tusks on. There will be both solo events and leaderboard throughout the whole incursion, so stay alert for opportunities to earn even more Khamsin and Krugar Shards.

The first leaderboard event begins September 16 and lasts through the second day, and the two more leaderboard events will cap things off on the last day of the invasion.

Just as before, special deals on Krugar and Khamsin packs will be available in the Store. This is your chance to power them up, or recruit them, so you’re prepared for every time the Red Tusks invade. If you choose this path it’s best not to delay, because the sooner you can send the troll slayers against your foes, the more of their Shards you can earn fighting Rhullk’s forces to level them up.

The Red Tusks’ latest incursion starts September 16 at 12:00 p.m. UTC and ends September 19 at 12:00 p.m. UTC. Don’t miss your chance to wreck Rhulkk’s Red Tusks, and reap the rewards for doing so.

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