- Aug 23 2022

New Worlds Await Legacy Players

Sound the trumpets and raise a cheer, for soon Kingdom Maker’s legacy players will have new lands to explore in Ardendale!

The time has come to begin merging the original Beta Shards into five new Shards that have been prepared for their arrival! The destination Shards were selected based on a number of factors, including; the age of the source Shard, average player level, Alliance power, and number of active players.

The process begins August 24:

Lake players will gain access to the new map, along with all the unfolding content that will come along with it on its own new Shard. We arrived at this decision after careful consideration of a number of factors, including average player power, shard size, and other attributes.

In the near future, the following Shards will merge:

After your Shard migrates, a new map with the additional Capitals and Counties as well as a chest containing some gold and a 48 hour protection bubble for your City will await you. The bubble can be popped early by engaging in PvP, noble interactions, or conquering a Capital or resource parcel. If your spot is occupied when it comes time for your merge you will be placed in a nearby empty spot. If that spot was a Capital, it may be necessary to take it back with force (or diplomacy). We are intentionally merging Shards in a manner that displaces the fewest players possible, but it could still occur. This is an exciting time, but please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that might occur over the course of the merges.

Shard merge maintenance for Beta2 - Beta5 will be announced on Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Reddit, and Twitter. If you play in one of these communities, please watch your preferred channels for further updates regarding when your Shard will be merging.


Please accept our apologies for any confusion that might have been caused by the shard consolidation notes shared 8/24 (UTC.)

To be clear, the beta shard consolidations are being deployed to bring all players to the current map on new shards to grant access to all-inclusive upcoming content. The new content will include an area with additional capitals and high-level encampments, among other features.

Thank you for your reports regarding the damage and attack buffs gained from inhabiting capitals not being visible as intended. We’re investigating the cause of the issue and plan to resolve it soon.

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