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Get Your Gladius Event

In the olden days, long before ultra-modern inventions like chamber pots and the feudal system, an ancient war was fought across the face of Ardendale. On one side, a tribe of indomitable mountain warriors known for their love of battle, fighting in the nude, and painting themselves blue. On the other, some of the mightiest conquerors the world had ever known, a legion of soldiers clad in shining bronze armor, led by brilliant tacticians who also appreciated nudity (just not around so many sharp objects).

They fought ferocious battles for decades, but in time the fires of war cooled. Victories were won, alliances were forged, and secrets were shared. As the centuries passed, those secrets were lost. . .

Secrets YOU are about to unearth–but only for a limited time!

The Get Your Gladius event runs from July 2 at 12:00 p.m. UTC until July 9 at 12:00 p.m. UTC.

Read on to learn more about how you can add magnificent treasures to your noble armory.

Blades of Legend

Their mightiest leaders wielded swords crafted with all the artifice these ancient peoples could bring to bear. Hammered from a rare and mysterious metal known as adamantine and quenched in the blood of hydras, these gleaming blades are rumored to hold an edge that never dulls. They are said to be strong enough to cleave through the hardest steel. Legends claim that they give a very, very close shave if one is dumb enough to try. (So smooth though! Only a little blood. Wait, is that an ear?)

Get Your Gladius!

The original adamantine blades were known as Gladius. Gladiuses? Gladii? The plural isn’t important, but what is important is that one of these swords will imbue its lucky Noble wielder with magnificent martial competence. Get a load of these stats!


A handful of even more exceptional blades were forged from the purest adamantine, a substance called adamantine maximus. The Gladius Maximus was the ultimate weapon devised by those ancient warriors. It was a status symbol and a potent weapon of war.

Soon it could be yours. When you play Kingdom Maker during the Get Your Gladius event, your Noble family will receive a precious gift: one chunk of adamantine, and a rare and wondrous chunk of adamantine maximus. The precise precious metals required to forge one of each legendary sword!

Gladius Maximus


Literally! If you’re going to resurrect these glorious weapons from the mists of history, you’ll need to draw them. On blueprints. Sure, you’ve got some adamantine, but crafting weapons of such immense power is a complex affair, so you’ll need to unearth a lot of blueprints to piece together how to recreate them.

These are ancient secrets we’re working to unravel, so you’ll need a mighty level 11 Keep and a Blacksmith who knows their way around a forge before you can begin assembling blueprints!

And you’ve only got a week, so it’s time to get cracking!

There are two different Gladiuses, and while you’ll have opportunities to add one of each to your armory, you’ll need to achieve different goals to obtain each one.


If you want to forge a Gladius of your very own, you’ll need to UNCHAIN YOUR REIGN! There will be an Event lasting for the whole Get Your Gladius celebration you can use to earn Gladius blueprints. You can track your progress for this and other Get Your Gladius milestones in the Event menu.

In addition, there will be four different 24 hour event challenges, each tasking you with doing battle with the PvE menaces roaming your county. Each one awards 4 Gladius blueprints when completed.

You’ll have to assemble 30 Gladius blueprints total before your Blacksmith will have the know-how to forge one.

Gladius Maximus

The path to a Gladius Maximus is more challenging. There will be two different one-day competitions that can pave your way to one of these beauties.

One of them tasks you with proving your military ability. You’ll compete with other Nobles on a leaderboard to mow down the PvE menaces that maraud your counties. If you’re a cut above the competition, first place wins 60 Gladius Maximus blueprints. Even if you aren’t at the top of the list, it’s still worth taking a stab at it, because you’ll earn a nice bundle of Gladius Maximus blueprints for your bravery.

Of course, only someone of quality is worthy to wield a Gladius Maximus. In a second one-day event, you’ll have a chance to prove that your Nobles are up to snuff. Shine those robes, fluff your chainmail, and put on that training montage! In this challenge you’ll compete to level up your Nobles and their Noble equipment. First place will earn enough blueprints to craft their Gladius Maximus immediately, though other worthy competitors won’t walk away empty handed.

Finally, don’t forget to check your offers. If you are willing to dip into the royal coffers, you’ll find other ways to obtain the blueprints for a Gladius Maximus, both in whole and in part, there.

It’ll take 60 Gladius Maximus blueprints to teach your Blacksmith the secret of forging this almost-mythical weapon.

If You’ve Got It, Flourish It

No Noble’s attire is complete without a fancy blade hanging at their side. And no blade screams “MAXIMUM FANCINESS” like a Gladius Maximus.

The champion Matilda has uncommon sartorial savvy and a taste for martial majesty. If there’s a completed Gladius Maximus in your armory, you’ll have a chance each day to impress Matilda and gain some of her shards. Just use the special Flourish Noble action granted by the Gladius Maximus, and you’ll brandish your way into her good graces.

You’ll have an opportunity to Flourish once a day, starting on the first day of the event. Be sure to build your Gladius Maximus briskly for maximum Matilda magnetism!

Independently Wealthy

In the midst of your blacksmithing frenzy, keep your eyes open for a special opportunity! We’re not saying you’re a gold digger. . . but you should be!

Beginning July 3 at 12:00 p.m. UTC when you spend gold, you’ll also earn shards for one of Kingdom Makers mining champions. You might also want to keep your eyes peeled for some special offers to help fill your pockets with the shiny stuff.

Which champion you’ll earn is based on how fancy your Keep is.

If your Keep is level 11-21, purchases will earn you shards toward Roger, who happens to know his way around a pickaxe.

Mighty Keeps of level 22+ will earn shards toward Patrick, an epic champion who also happens to be a champion miner.

This opportunity checks out at 12:00 p.m. UTC on July 6, so be sure to mine it for all it’s worth!

Forge Your Destiny

That’s everything you need to know to earn a pair of the most bodacious blades ever to grace Ardendale, so don’t miss out!

Armed with a shining Gladius in your noble fist, how will you reign?

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