- Jun 15 2022

Free Stuff!

Welcome to the world of Kingdom Maker! Hours of adventure await you as you build your story, battle, explore, and create your kingdom.

It’s a big, big world, there’s a lot to learn, and a wise monarch knows when to heed helpful advice. To wit, we’ve assembled some helpful guides to give you a smooth road ahead as you get set to helm your realm.

Ah nobility. One of the lesser known perks of being famous and wealthy is that not only are you rich, but everyone showers you with free stuff even though you can totally pay for it! Your Noble family in Kingdom Maker is no exception - every single day you’ll have an array of opportunities to get FREE STUFF!

We’re here to tell you how! We’ll also be covering how you can get even more stuff with just a little effort, and what all those different coins, tokens, and currencies you’re getting can be used for.

Chests: Not Just For Pirates

As we’ve mentioned before, resources are how you’ll take your City from fixer-upper to fancy-as-heck. Fortunately for you, there are lots of ways even the busiest monarch can score a few extra goodies: FREE STUFF.

Who doesn’t like free stuff? People with no friends who aren’t fun at parties, that’s who. You want to have friends and be fun at parties, don’t you?

Stuff That’s Chock Full of Things!

Fortunately, it’s easy to get your free stuff fix in Kingdom Maker. In fact, we have a whole button entirely dedicated to it! See that shiny button on the upper right with the attractive Commanders on it? Tap that, and you’ll be in the, yes, we named it the Stuff menu. Tap the Chests tab and remember it well, as it’s wise to visit often!

There are three completely free chests you can grab here, each of which gives out goodies ranging from resources and speed ups to Commander tokens and more. There are three flavors: a 10 minute chest, the 4 hour chest, and the 24 hour chest. True to their titles, you can grab them whenever their cooldown is up. Visit often though, because the time on your free chests doesn’t roll over.

Now hop over to the Champions tab. See that meter at the top, so enticingly pointing at the aptly named Epic Recruiting Chest? Every time you collect Commander tokens from various sources like chests, quests, daily goals, events, etc. you’ll make progress toward another Epic Recruiting Chest. Whenever you get a handful of tokens make sure you check your chest progress on this chest, because there’s no spill over. The Epic Recruiting Chest is so epic because it helps you earn and power up your Commanders with hard to get stuff, and good Commanders make for great armies!

Free Stuff at the Store? WHAT?

Now, back on your main screen, the button above the Stuff menu is the Store. Just like buried pirate treasure (call back to that section title, heck yeah!), the middle tab titled Bundles has another free chest you can collect! This one is super creatively titled Free Chest, and it refreshes every 22 hours. It can contain some very valuable loot, so don’t neglect it. The other tabs have awesome stuff in them that’s totally worthy of your attention, but they’re not free, which is why we’re here, so you can investigate those later.

The Main Event

Practically any time you do anything in Kingdom Maker, you’re making progress toward an Event. You can see which ones are active by tapping the Events Banner on the upper right. Maybe you’ll prioritize one set of Quests or Daily Goals over others so you can get more progress on an Event, and you’d be wise to do so. Why? MORE FREE STUFF, THAT’S WHY! And kinda hard to get stuff too, like an abundance of tokens, Champion XP, Battalion Equip XP and more.

A Goal Oriented Quest

There are other ways to get free stuff, though these take a little effort from your Nobles.

On the bottom left of your screen there’s a button with an image of a Keep on it. That’s your Objectives menu. In it you’ll find your Quests and Daily Goals tabs. They’re both vitally important, but we’re focused on the Daily Goals tab today. At the top of your Daily Goals menu is a series of chests that refresh daily, and you can unlock each of ‘em by achieving your goals. You can effectively triple dip, getting rewards from Quests, Daily Goals, and Daily Goal chests, one after another. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

Master Tip: Check out which Quests and Daily Goals you have active. Many times they overlap, so you can get credit for more than one by performing a single task.

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