- Sep 14 2022

Developer Update - September 14th, 2022

Thanks for your feedback regarding the recent changes to the Wandering Merchant. We understand and apologize for any frustration this caused. Our goal is to make Kingdom Maker as fun and fair as possible for all players. With that in mind, we wanted to shed more light on the rationale behind the changes and our plans for the future.

Unfortunately, adjustments to the Wandering Merchant had to happen. A growing number of players were optimizing their entire noble family to perform trades, which in combination with the effects of the Wandering Merchant created a significant imbalance that could be exploited. For these players, the Wandering Merchant became the most effective way of obtaining resources, merits, and experience, and removed the need to engage with the rest of the game. This was not our intent for the Wandering Merchant, it was warping the way players were building their families and advising other players to build their families, and, more importantly, gave those players who did so a significant advantage over everyone else.

While we cannot return the Wandering Merchant to its previous functionality, we realize that our adjustment to its trades requires additional tuning and plan to make changes soon.

We are also currently working on improving other aspects of Kingdom Maker. Here are some additional changes that are already in the pipeline:

Again, thank you for your feedback. With your continued help and support we can work together to make Kingdom Maker a game we can all enjoy for years to come.– The Kingdom Maker Dev team

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