- May 24 2022

Building Your City

In this guide we’re awkwardly resting a hard hat over our crowns to talk about city building!

Walls And Gates

In Kingdom Maker your masons don’t awkwardly slap walls around your city willy nilly. Instead, everything is neatly contained by your towers. When you build or move a tower, white lines will radiate out from it, and an arrow will point to one side of it. You can create walls between any towers that line up with each other and are not blocked by other buildings. Walls prevent enemy forces from passing through them without having to destroy them first. And that arrow tells you where your tower door is. Pro tip: put your tower doors inside the walls! Otherwise invading armies can bust down the door and get at your tender little archers. You don’t want that, and your archers definitely don’t want that. Watchtowers can also have their doors toggled on or off. When off, you can't garrison units in the tower. When on, you can garrison units but one of the 8 sides will not be able to connect to a wall (as this would block the door).

Gates are created whenever you enclose a space with walls. You can tap on a wall to add or remove a gate but you can’t remove them entirely: there must be a way for your population to move around your city.

At first, when your keep is small, you can only build a few towers and thus only a few walls. As your keep gets higher levels, you’ll get to build more and more towers, and an ever grander, more complex city as a result. This is also when you can start to think about placing your defenses in ways to confound and frustrate your foes.

It’s not directly related to warfare, but a note on morale. Your citizenry believes you want the best for them, and when you leave their houses outside the walls where they can be set on fire by any Thog, Mork, and Jerry (those are orc names, right?), they get upset. Arrange your walls so the housing is inside, and your people will be happier!

One last note: your walls are only as strong as the towers that support them. Want tougher walls? Upgrade those towers!


Platforms can be used to garrison most troops, even Machines like catapults, and Mounted units which cannot be garrisoned in Watch Towers.

Any Melee, Mounted, or Ranged unit garrisoned on a platform will create a camp there, moving to engage enemy attackers when they approach nearby.

Any Machines garrisoned on a Platform will build a mound to increase their range and will not move. Machines can be especially potent defenders if you can position them to attack enemies from behind protective walls.

Upgrade the Platform to increase the number of units that can be garrisoned on it.


There’s more to consider when building your city, but this should get you started on the path to civic greatness, so siege the day and get started in Kingdom Maker today!

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