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Alliance & Team Play

It’s normal for a Noble to want to be alone at the top of the heap, but in Kingdom Maker no one island! Your aspirations to greatness will be far more likely to succeed with a whole lot of friends by your side. Enter the Alliance, a group of fellow players united in common cause!

How to Join an Alliance

No one likes getting pushed around, and an Alliances are how you can build strong groups in Kingdom Maker for mutual defense. Or, to have the muscle to do a little pushing of your own!

Alliances can include up to 35 players, including one Leader, one Temple Keeper, and a number of Managers (depending on how many members the leader promotes). Alliance members can chat in a private chat room and are notified (if they have enabled notifications) whenever a member is attacked by another player.

You can search, join, or create an Alliance through the Alliance menu in the lower right hand corner of your game screen. Alliances can be private or public. Private alliances can not be found in the list when trying to find an Alliance to join, and you’ll have to secure an invitation to join one. Invites can be enabled or disabled by the Alliance Leader.

If an Alliance Leader is absent from the game for a set amount of time (usually 2-4 weeks, depending on their previous activity), they are auto-demoted to a Manager and the highest power manager is promoted to the alliance leader role in their stead. If no Managers have been assigned then the highest level member becomes the new leader.


This is not a gift of resources to another player, it is merely a tribute. Oh wait, it IS a gift of resources to a fellow Alliance member!

You can send resources to other players via a Tribute. Start a Tribute by selecting the option in a 1:1 chat with the other person or via the button at the bottom of their Player Profile. Tributes cost silver to send (to pay for the transport) and if they are rejected they are lost. If accepted they are added to the bank of the lucky receiving player. You can not Tribute more resources than the recipient can store when the Tribute was sent.


Prestige is a measure of a player's activity and helpfulness. You earn Prestige for Tributes, reinforcing, training troops, and a whole bunch of activities. Unlike power, any Prestige you earn only lasts for 7 days before expiring, so it’s always in changing, a rolling count of a player's last 7 days. If you perform no activity for 7 days, your Prestige will fall to zero. Players on the Alliance roster can be sorted by Prestige and this can be used by Leaders to decide (if they wish) who to keep, promote, demote, or kick to make room. It can also be seen on a player's profile page and is a good tool for those looking to recruit as it is a measure of how active someone is and how quickly they are progressing.

Messaging & Muting Other Players

Everyone on the same Shard can chat with everyone else in the 'Global' chat. It’s a free for all, but it’s also a social hub where you can make friends and discuss the aftermath of battles with former friends.

You can start a chat conversation with another player by simply clicking the Chat button in the lower right hand corner of their Player Profile. If you have notifications enabled in settings you will be notified whenever someone sends you a private message. You can hide a private chat room by dragging it to the left and selecting "Hide" in the Chat Rooms list. This does not hide it for the other player and if they message you again it is unhidden. You can also unhide it by going to their profile page and selecting "Message".

If you are a member of an Alliance you will also have an Alliance chat that is only visible to you and other members of your Alliance.

You can mute another player if you no longer want to receive messages from them or see their posts in Global chat. To do that, you can tap on their flag in any of their messages to open their profile page and select "Mute" at the bottom of the page. You can also mute from the Chat Rooms list by dragging left on a player in the list and selecting “mute” instead of “hide”. You’ll no longer see their messages, but they won’t be informed that they were muted. If you change your mind you can see the list of players you've muted and unmute them in the "Muted List" which will appear in chat when you have someone muted. If they execute one of your nobles, send you a tribute, or a proposal it unmutes the private chat so you can see that action and respond to it.


The are two types of power related Leaderboards in the game:

Family Leaderboard

- Displays individual family ranking based on each player's power

- You can view your family's power on the top left of your screen, next to your banner

Alliance Leaderboard

- Displays Alliance ranking based on each Alliance's power

- An Alliance's power is calculated by combining the power of everyone in it

- You can view your Alliance's power in the Alliance tab, on the bottom right of your screen

Both Leaderboards can be found by clicking your flag/banner and then tapping the "Leaders" button in the bottom of your screen. Then you can switch between those Leaderboards from the navigation bar at the bottom.

Remember, you get power from any kind of civic upgrade, research, training, or giving birth to new Nobles. Note that sacrificing Nobles or losing Troops (by deleting an army of injured troops) will result in your power decreasing.

Alliance Help

Everybody needs a helping hand from time to time. Alliance Help involves helping all of your Alliance Members in speeding up their timers whenever they start them or asking for help on your own tasks. Every Alliance Help shortens the timer by 1 minute or 1% of the base time required for that action. You can upgrade your Keep to increase the number of Alliance Helps you can receive from other players before you reach the daily limit. To request help, when starting a task, click the clasped hands symbol to the right of the timer to send out the request to your Alliance. You can see help requests from your Alliance by clicking the Help icon in the lower right corner of your screen. When viewing your Alliance Help tab, you will be able to see how many Alliance Members are helping that timer speed up at a time for that one task. There is no limit to how many Alliance Help speedups you can request for each type of task.


As the Temple is upgraded, spells are unlocked and upgraded through it! Spells provided by the Temple need to be charged before use, by winning battles against Orcs and Humans as an attacker or a reinforcer of an attacker. The higher the level of the target you attack, the more you charge your Alliance's spells. Though be careful, because spells don't charge up from lost battles. You can select which spell you prefer to charge by accessing the Temple from your Alliance tab.

Once a spell is charged enough to cast, the Temple Keeper can initiate the cast. When spells have multiple levels (from Temple upgrades), the Temple Keeper can cast them as soon as they have enough charge for level 1, or they can wait for more levels to charge for a more powerful effect. Any unused charge is carried over to the next cast, but when a spell is fully charged, any additional accumulated charge points are lost, which means it's best to pick another spell to charge if it comes to that. Positive spells can be cast on your alliance to boost production, army movement speed or army stats. Negative spells can be cast on your enemies' Cities, Keeps or entire Counties!

The following Alliance Spells are available in the game: Bountiful Harvest, Strength In Numbers, War Horn, Fortune’s Light, Dark Omen, Plague and Salt The Earth. Each provides powerful benefits to your whole Alliance.


Join up with friends in Kingdom Maker and make it reign together!

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