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Nobles Overview

What’s a Kingdom without Nobles to rule it? In Kingdom Maker, your Noble family is how your kingdom making business gets down. They command your armies, engage in intrigues, manage your city, and give birth to more cute little Nobles to keep your dynasty going strong.

You can manage your soon to be bountiful dynasty using the Family button at the bottom of your screen.


Greet, Charm, Kiss, and Boink your Nobles with each other or strangers to make new Noble babies. Babies are all born with similar stats, but some have the potential to grow more than others. Their quality can be found on their profile page, ranging from Runt to Mythical. Higher quality nobles have a better chance to get higher quality traits! A wise ruler makes alliances and arranges marriages with other players to breed an ever higher quality family line.

Note that the parents' quality dictates their offspring's quality and stat potential, but there’s no guarantee that their child will increase in quality. New babies inherit their looks from their parents and grandparents. If you’re truly desperate, irresponsible or a little twisted, you can have your Nobles inbreed, but the results can be . . . unpredictable, and they always have the negative “Inbred” trait, so it’s best to seek partners from other families. Oh, and Nobles are sticklers about inheritance, so Nobles born out of wedlock have the "Bastard" trait. It comes with a few paltry bonuses, but despite the sexy bad boy/girl image, it’s mostly a bad thing. Better to get those nuptials.

Here are some more details about making Noble babies:

· Married Nobles have a higher chance of having a baby when Boinking

· Any baby born to a married royal couple is also a Royal

· Unmarried Nobles have a lower chance of having a baby by Boinking.

· After a Noble is born, it takes a while for them to mature (or you can speed it up with gold)

· A randomly generated name will be assigned to new Nobles, which you can choose to keep or change. Once matured, it’ll take a small fee for new name.

· All Noble babies need to have an assigned Role before they can mature

· Once matured and moved out of the nursery, your new Noble will be a strapping 18 years of age.

· No one lives forever. Nobles slowly age as time passes until they become frail, which can affect their performance. Of course, there are potions for that sort of thing. . .

Noble Roles

As soon as a Noble is born, you can assign the Role they’ll serve in for the rest of their lives. This is a requirement for maturing a Noble baby, and it will determine what they’re good at. Roles determine the pool of available traits for your Noble, their available army slots, their available army types, and their talents.

Role-specific equipment can be crafted that compliments each respective Noble Role (e.g., For Traders, you get increased Trading speed & more). Noble equipment comes in different rarities (Common, Uncommon, and Rare) and can be crafted in the Blacksmith.

Not all rarities are available immediately. They can be unlocked through research in the "Nobles" tree in the Academy!

Noble Traits

Nobles can be born with or acquire Traits. These are visible on their profile page: tap Family, then choose the Noble you want to look at in detail. There you can check out every last detail, their gear, as well as tabs for Training, Abilities, Traits, and Army Slots.

Traits and can be positive or negative. Traits of Noble Babies can be seen after you choose their role.

A trait can last a lifetime, like Bastard or only last a few minutes, such as the Spent trait your Noble gains after Boinking. Traits can change a lot about what your Nobles are good at, their stats and abilities, what actions they can take, etc.

How many traits a Noble has depends on their quality, the number of traits their parents have, and some luck. Before maturing a Noble baby, most of their traits can be rerolled (if not inherited). The number of rerolls depends on the baby's quality. The higher the quality, the more free rerolls available for that baby. If you run out of free trait rerolls and still haven't rolled a trait you'd like to keep, you can keep rerolling using gold, but the cost increases with every roll.

Keep in mind that traits inherited from parents cannot be rerolled. You can’t choose your family, alas.

Noble Talents

Each Noble has a set of Talents that differ depending on what Role they’re fulfilling. These talents can be upgraded through the Noble's profile (found in the Family tab). Once all talents in a Tier are unlocked, you can unlock the next Tier of talents (4 max.)

Higher Tier Talents give new or more powerful bonuses, and they help your Nobles excel in their Roles.

Some Talents don't just give bonus stats; they also enable specific actions (e.g., Execute). You can see all the available talents and their bonuses in a Noble's profile or on a Noble Baby's profile while choosing a role.

Noble Experience Points

All your Nobles start at level one and max out at level 40. To level a Noble, you either need Noble XP or Family XP. Even if you have a lot of XP banked up, you can’t just level a new Noble to 40 right away. Each Talent tier unlocked also unlocks ten levels for each of your Nobles.

Your Nobles accrue two different types of XP. Each Noble accumulates personal Noble XP as they perform actions. XP can be spent on increasing your Noble's level and stats through a Noble's profile page. From the main page, tap on the "Family" tab, then choose a Noble to see their profile.

Family XP can be tracked as a whole, as it's a different XP resource that can be used for any Noble of your choice if they've not accumulated enough Noble XP to level up.

You can earn Noble XP or Family XP from most activities you perform with your Nobles, including exploring dungeons, commanding armies, performing trades at a trading post, noble actions, and more.

Keep your Nobles in their lane, and everyone benefits: if the action your Noble takes is related to you’re their role, they’ll earn more XP!

Sacrificing a Noble

Sometimes that dark day arrives when the black sheep of the family simply must go. If you want to get rid of one of your Nobles permanently, you can choose to throw them into the Volcano.

To do so, open the State Map, locate the volcano, and zoom into the County Map view. At the top of the Volcano, you will find a shrine you can tap on and select which Noble(s) you want to send to a fiery death.

If you are not in a rush and want to help another family, rather than condemn your poor Noble, you can ask anyone if they want your unwanted Noble and have them send you a proposal. Accepting a proposal adds your Noble to their family.

You can increase the size of your family by researching ''Family Size'' through the Academy. This will let you have more family members in your Keep before making room for more.


Managing a whole Noble dynasty is an exciting affair, packed with intrigues and vital decisions. How will you reign?

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